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Originally Posted by HolyHandgernade View Post
If I were to paint my dream scenario assuming no ND:

SEC gets UNC and UVA

B12 gets FSU, Clemson, G Tech, V Tech, NC St and Louisville

SEC-Big12 Challenge over the first four weeks of the college season:

OU-Bama (Crimson and Cream vs Crimson Tide)
OSU-Tenn (Orange Crush)
ISU-Vanderbilt (We're in these conferences too!)
KSU-Auburn (Wildcats and Tigers)
TTech-Ole Miss (Red Raiders and Rebels)
Baylor-Miss St (Bears and Bulldogs)
WVU-LSU (Mountains and Swamps)
TCU-Arkansas (Jerry's Jumbo Jubilee)

Week 1:

East Coast Early: VTech-UVA
Noon: TTech-Ole Miss
Late Afternoon: TCU-Arkansas
Prime Time: WVU-LSU

Week 2:

East Coast Early: GTech-UGA
Noon: ISU-Vanderbilt
Late Afternoon: OSU-Tenn
Prime Time: OU-Bama

Week 3:

East Coast Early: NC St-UNC
Noon: Louisville-UK
Late Afternoon: KSU-Auburn
Prime Time: UT-A&M

Week 4:

East Coast Early: Clemson-USC
Noon: Baylor-Miss St
Late Afternoon: KU-MU
Prime Time: FSU-UF

Could you imagine the extra cash we could demand for that setup? That's a ratings bonanza ESPN couldn't refuse.
That would be amazing, especially if ND stays INDY in all this.
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