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Originally Posted by Wickedson View Post
The KU fan just got off a Final Four run so many are probably busy recovering from the amount they spent traveling and purchasing tickets.

Championship game tickets aren't cheap.

But I wouldn't worry, if Weis can get the team back to its winning ways I'm sure the sell out crowds that packed Memorial Stadium will be back in no time. He has to prove himself first, that's how it works in sports generally.

1. Winning ways? KU had one magical season in which they played no one good and dodged the major powers in the Big XII (except Mizzou whom they were summarily abused by). What winning ways do you speak of?

2. Weis was a failure at ND where he had access to superior resources in every way over KU, yet he will somehow succeed at KU? Heck he already failed to recruit the top football player in Kansas. Keep hoping Weis works the impossible, especially in a Big XII that you say is stronger now minus Mizzou and aTm and with the additions of WVU and TCU because in football all a KU fan has is hope.
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