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Originally Posted by mnchiefsguy View Post
Except for the years that the BCS gave us a shitty when Nebraska lost by three touchdowns. For every good BCS NC matchup, there is an awful one it seems.
The sport is inherently unfair. Teams don't play balanced schedules, there's no "player draft" of any kind, players are bought left and right, all the teams have different level of resources and spending...

You have to take CFB for what it is. Fun on Saturday afternoons with beer and sun. You can't look at it like real competition. If you do you'll be caught up in a constant hamster wheel of trying to figure out a system that is "fair".

Personally I think with this whole 4 team playoff thing that is getting introduced things just got that much more complicated and that many more teams at the end are going to be left angry. But if they get all bent out of shape about it it's their own fault. It's not worth getting all upset about.
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