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That's fine as a concept, but I'm wondering where the line is?

Just members? Long time members who post regularly? Spouses? Parents? Children?
That's a good question. We have a lot of members. Obviously, not every death is going to mean we put up a solicitation like this.

You and your wallet decide where the line is. If neither of these guys inspired you and you don't feel compelled to throw down a few bucks then don't. I'm not going to spend my time organizing this each time a member of this site dies, obviously. But these two were particularly tragic, too soon, and there is a need for donations. I feel comfortable the money sent isn't going to be injected into somebody's arm or used for a trip to Vegas. Obviously, a guy like Logical would have qualified for something like this if there had been a need communicated. But we honor his memory in other ways because he was financially well off.

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