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Donation on the way.

I think setting a line where this step is taken is fraught with land mines. But, I think we can safely set the bar to at least long time members of the community in good standing.
I agree. I know we've done this several times over the years. One was strange in that a father/son duo in good standing here had their wife/mother become diagnosed terminal. They were open about how their homelife was suffering so we collected some money and sent some pizzas to lessen the load on the sick lady. Then we sent the rest to hire a cleaning crew to come out. That lady is still alive and kicking which is awesome but it left questions about the contribution. No, I'm not going to identify them. There's really nothing to be embarrassed about but my intention isn't to finger them at all.

Then there was another member collecting money for himself. We'll never allow that again.
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