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Originally Posted by HolyHandgernade View Post
Whatever makes you feel good, you keep telling yourself that.

But on actual Big 12 boards, the schools and fans are excited about the new conference and there's a camaraderie that hasn't existed since the old B8 days. Funny, once you get rid of all the ones that were truly bitter, the whole mood lightens up.

Already have had Arkansas fans asking us if we'll take you back. Told them sorry, that misplaced arrogance is all yours now!
Your statement is so full of crap that I can't believe you actually are able to type those words.

But let me help you here....I know you've pretty much ignored me before.

Most (intelligent and not bitter) KU fans that I know and speak with on a regular basis have moved on. They got over the initial barking back and forth and moved on. You've pretty much tied yourself to Wickedson in the troll mentality when you post in this thread.

I'm glad those in the Big 12 have regrouped and become stable. I don't have the bitterness that you seem to still have with your remarks. The pettiness of making the "we dropped 2 whiners and got 2 quality programs" is sad for anyone who makes that remark. Both conferences got good teams that will be facing stiffer competition and will have to prove themselves.

But the real telling piece of crap in your post is the reference to the Arkansas fans.....that's just your leftover bitterness talking. I'm guessing I talk to as many Hogs fans as you do and most welcome MU into the conference. Just the Mike Anderson-MU connection alone makes for a good rivalry and some great bulletin board material.
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