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Originally Posted by HolyHandgernade View Post
No, no , no, Mosibian, just because you have this idea of how you want to cast me, doesn't mean in any way it resembles truth or accuracy. Your tired and shallow tactics of trying to tie anything that is contrary to your feelings of superiority in these matters usually boil down to, "You're just like so and so" and "Well, I remember you said one time...".

There was nothing bitter in my original post, it was good natured ribbing. It rubbed you the wrong way, and then you couldn't help yourself to not dignify it with a response. You're nowhere near this pillar you like to make yourself out to be. You're just over obsessed fan like everyone else here and the only difference is what team you choose to live vicariously through.

If you believe something different, you're a fool of your own foolish mind.
I must admit to laughing completely at this post. First your spelling of my name......., of all people calling me out for having a superiority complex? That one takes the cake.

Seriously....this was truly hilarious. Thanks for completely failing at trying to post a serious comeback.
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