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Originally Posted by |Zach| View Post
Yup...LSP really has neighborhoods of different kinds of fans.
I'm a member of the South Stand SC because my husband likes to 'just watch' the games and so we'd sit over on that side even though I am Cauldron to the core. He paid for the tickets afterall.. My son, a drummer, initially did not care where we sat as long he was AT LSP. That lasted only a few games when he became really off put by the 'distracting' drums and and chants which were different from the Cauldron and caused the people in the middle (where we've also sat numerous times) to sit there unsure what they should be doing or who they should follow. We moved to Cauldron and now my son and I are happy campers. The Cauldron is a thoroughly interactive experience. I understand how it can put off some people as we have a house divided on where to sit. I just don't have the same enjoyment of the game in other sections EVEN IF THE VIEW IS BETTER. I buy the tickets now and if he isn't in the mood for the Cauldron then we take someone new who usually loves it there.
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