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Originally Posted by htismaqe View Post
Pretty fed up with the whole XBox Live "Gold" idea. Can't watch Netflix without Gold. Can't watch ESPN without Gold. Can't finish achievements on most games without Gold (because the achievements relate to online play somehow).

And now I bought an old coop game (Sacred 2) to play with my daughter and it's all ****ed up because Microsoft wants her to pay for a Gold account TOO.

With the next gen consoles probably 18 months out, is it worth it to make the switch? How does PSN (the free version, not PSN+) compare to XBox Live? If I like to play Live Arcade games, will I regret changing?

Try to keep the fanboi stuff to a minimum, I would like some sincere responses.

Well Xbox Live is better than PSN. No getting around it, it's much more user friendly and offers more, but you have to pay for it.
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