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My final roster is as follows.

My big news is that I'm going to give up and switch to a 3-4. I'm having all sorts of problems in my front seven on defense, and I think they'll fare better as a 3-4 unit.

My offense is coming together very well, but my defense is struggling.

Russell Wilson (Seahawks)
Mark Sanchez (Jets)
Jimmy Clausen (Panthers)

I may have a starting quarterback. (Two of them, actually.)

Jamaal Charles
C.J. Spiller. (Bills)
Shaun Draughn
Nate Eachus

I like this situation with two speed merchants on top of the chart. Spiller should be increasing his carries in Buffalo.

Peyton Hillis

Hillis was a nice pickup.

Dwayne Bowe
Kendall Wright (Titans)
Steve Breaston - WR
Leonard Hankerson (Redskins)
Greg Salas (Rams)

Wide receiver is really coming together for me. Wright, Breaston, and Hankerson can man my #2 spot. Wright is a rookie 1st rounder who will start in Britt's absence in Tennessee, and Hankerson is a 2nd string guy expected to get lots of action in Washington. Salas is a third-stringer in St. Louis.

Tony Gonzalez (Falcons)
Kevin Boss - TE
Steve Maneri - TE

Set here with Tony and great depth.

Branden Albert
Eric Winston - RT
Bruce Campbell (Raiders)

Our free agent tackle helped a lot. We have young depth, too. I'm happy. Bruce Campbell was traded to Carolina and is a backup tackle there.

Brian Waters
Jason Pinkston (Browns)
Alex Boone (49ers)
Lilja, Ryan
Wade Smith

We're going deep on the roster here because we have five NFL starters with Alex Boone blossoming in San Francisco. Pinkston and Boone are both starting.

Rodney Hudson (Chiefs)

Not much depth. Hopefully Hudson does well.

Alex Henery (Eagles)

Great shape here. Henery is a good kicker.

Dustin Colquitt

Great shape here.

Kendrick Lewis
Travis Daniels
Charles Mitchell (Falcons)

Deep, but not scary, and Lewis is hurt. Mitchell is a rookie 2nd stringer with Atlanta.

Reshad Jones (Dolphins)
Abram Elam
Tysyn Hartman - DB

Jones is a starter for Miami, so I'm okay here and have depth.

Brandon Flowers
Stanford Routt - CB
D.J. Moore (Bears)
Alphonso Dennard (Patriots)

This unit went from being deep to being very thin. Moore is a nickel back in Chicago, and Dennard is a rookie who made the Patriots but is deep in the depth chart.

Tamba Hali
Chris Carter (Steelers)
Zach Brown (Titans)
Dekoda Watson (Buccaneers)
Andy Studebaker

I'm moving Hali back to his great OLB spot in the 3-4. On the other side, I'll put Chris Carter, I guess, who's backing up James Harrison in Pittsburgh. The other non-Chiefs are NFL second-stringers, Brown as a rookie and Watson in his third year. I have depth, but I need someone to step up beside Hali.

Derrick Johnson
Rey Maualuga (Bengals)
Brandon Siler - ILB

Going back to a 3-4 lets me move Maualuga back to his natural position, and I'm strong here even if I lack depth.

Glenn Dorsey
Ropati Pitoitua
Ronnell Lewis (Lions)
Jonathan Massaquoi (Falcons)
Da'Quan Bowers (Buccaneers)

Another big problem area. Lewis and Massaquoi are both rookies, and Lewis is a second-stringer. Massaquoi is buried on the chart, though he's gotten some good reviews. Neither is big enough to be a 3-4 end, which may mean they're screwed in the long run. I invested a high pick in Bowers in my 4-3 defense and he's out for the year, most likely, with an offseason injury. I'm not sure how he'll fit even if he comes back. So Glenn and Ropati will be my guys.

Ron Edwards
Anthony Toribio
Alex Carrington (Bills)

Well, Ron Edwards is starting in Carolina, so he and Toribio will split snapes at NT. Carrington was moved by Buffalo from DE to OLB and now to DT. Not sure what's going on there, but he's not a NT, so I'm not sure what to do with him in the long run.

Tough Cuts:

Junior Hemingway (Chiefs)
Leonard Pope
Neiko Thorpe - DB
Edgar Jones
Demorrio Williams
Smith, Shaun
Myron Pryor (Patriots)

Easy Cuts:

Tyler Palko
Brodie Croyle
Jackie Battle
Thomas Jones
Tim Castille
Taylor Gentry
Derrick Williams (Lions)
Brandon Kinnie - WR
Zeke Markshausen - WR
Jamar Newsome - WR
Josh Bellamy - WR
Chris Chambers
Kevin Curtis
Jeremy Horne
Tim Biere - TE
Lee Ziemba (Panthers)
David Mims - OT
Ryan O'Callaghan
Duke Robinson (Panthers)
Justin Cheadle - OL
Cam Holland - OL
Wiegmann, Casey
Rob Bruggeman
Matt Szymanski - K
Kyle McCarthy
Shiloh Keo (Texans)
Jacques Reeves - DB
Mikail Baker - DB
Jean Fanor - DB
Terrance Parks - DB
Chandler Fenner - DB
Bruce Miller (49ers)
Caleb Campbell - LB
Dexter Heyman - LB
Charlie Anderson
Eric Bakhtiari
Justin Cole
Luke Patterson - DL
Ethan Johnson - DE
Wallace Gilberry
Amon Gordon
Lawrence Guy (Packers)
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