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I think its safe to say that Paul Ryan will be walking the marathon back in Wisconsin. I hope that Jon Huntsman continues to speak around the country and if he does he just might succeed to purging the party establishment of the obstructionists. Obstructionism is on its last gasp. That strategy dies in January, thankfully.

You can forget Dr. Rice. Great speech and noble effort to cover-up the Bush administrations historic failures.

Forget all the republican Governors who have been committing intellectual sexual abuse of women for the past two years.

Forget all republican Governors who have had a hand in the voter suppression movement.

Looking at the Senate John Thune from South Dakota is possible. He might have run this time were it not for the very public humilation coming from advocacy for guns to be allowed on public transportation. How quickly they forget attacks on the homeland.

Forget Mitch Daniels, he's too short to be president.

Are we left with Mr. Doughnut himself from New Jersey?
you dumbass...As a result of Romney winning in 2012, he runs again in 2016.
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