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Originally Posted by Reaper16 View Post
You are lazy pieces of shit. Not you two specifically, but everyone. The mindset that is being advocated here.

Direckshun's post is 2.25 pages in Microsoft Word, or 4 pages double-spaced. It's barely over 1,000 words. That isn't a whole lot of effort you lazy mother****ers. No one has "too much time" to write 1,000 words. ****ing middle schoolers can write 1,000 words. 1,000 words is not a lot.

Why the Hell are you even posting to a politics subforum if no subject is worth a paltry 1,000 words?

I'm ticked off because we just got done having a spat about how the level of discourse here in D.C. should be better or whatever. And here's a thread that should have sparked some worthwhile discussion. And instead we've got a bunch of bullshit, and me bitching about it. Yeah, Direckshun's biases are known. Newsflash: all of our biases are known on this board.

I don't actually believe that we're all just talking at each other on this board. There is some talking to each other. Some people's minds can be changed.

I mean, speaking personally, I've actually become more politically conservative in certain ways, thanks to this board, than I was when I joined. There can be real, valuable exchanges of ideas in this subforum. It's a shame that y'all think that it isn't worthwhile to try.
WOW, what a profound post! my point was more about WHO it was coming from. not what he posted.

That kid spent hours checking out Obama photos on the white house webpage after hes elected and starts a thread about how fascinating the photos are, did you know that? that is just ****ing weird for some twenty something kid to be sooooooo obsessed with politics at such a young age. I had other interests when I was in my 20's. like partying and ****ing hot chicks and obsessing over Barrack Obama (Like Direckshun has been doing for 4 years now)

And I am sure you have a valid point being that you have had several reach arounds with the notorious transgender UP.

Was that post long enough to call myself a loser also?
Originally Posted by JD10367 View Post
Welcome to being the only person on my Ignore list.

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