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Originally Posted by HemiEd View Post
Thanks Coogs. I read about 20 of the reviews myself, and all seemed very happy.
I was tetering between this style and the big one like you have. My goal was to put it in the attic, but I think that may be out, but we will see once we get the amp etc.
It is odd looking, in fact it reminds me of those old UHF bowtie antennas that went along with the rabbit ears.

This stuff has all changed so much with the advent of the digital broadcasts and we are having to use one of those Radio Shack converters as well.
This forum...

from that tvfool link is very good at answering questions you may have. I used it a time or two, and everything they told me worked to perfection. If you need to use it, read the first sticky that pertains to guidelines for asking a question, and these guys should be able to get you what you want.

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