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Another thing. And maybe you already know this, but just in case...

I am not sure what type of TV you have, but on mine, once I had the antenna hooked up, and aimed at... say Omaha... I have to go into my TV menu to the Channel feature. In that channel feature there a couple of links. One is Auto Program, and the other one is Add Digital Channels. Myself, I use the Add Digital Channels. It works like the Auto Program for that specific direction only. Then, when I move the antenna towards... say Topeka... go back to that same feature and take it through the Add Digital Channels again. And it should add all the stations in that direction without deleting the Omaha Channels. If you would use the Auto Program feature insetead, the Omaha stations that were previously programmed in would be wiped out.

EDIT: I also have two TV's hooked up to the antenna with a dual amp splitter. And both of my TV's are Sony Bravia's. One is a 55" the other a 41". I had to program each TV to pull in stations. The 55" one will pull in stations much, much easier than the 41" one will. And it is a couple of years older (about 5 years old) than the 41" set. Doesn't make much sense to me since they are both the same brand.

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