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Originally Posted by Swanman View Post
Romney/Ryan has a chance to be a worse campaign that McCain/Palin, and I thought that was impossible. They can't even figure out what their message is.

Romney first says he wants a complete repeal of Obamacare, then says Sunday morning that he would like to keep certain things like the part about pre-existing conditions. Then later that day his staff release a press release basically saying he didn't really mean it and he wants a complete repeal.

Ryan gets asked about question about weed and he says he is ok with the states deciding on the law, then the campaign comes out the next day and says whoops, the Romney/Ryan ticket is against all weed. Not to mention, every time he opens his mouth a lie spews forth. And the fact that he looks like a creepy Bond villain.

If they don't get their stories straight before the debates, it could get real ugly for the both of them.
Your viewpoint shows whats wrong with politics today. Where are the people that can understand politics and have an understanding of how American Government is suppose to function?

There are things in the Affordable Healthcare Act that everyone agrees on. So why when Romeny mentions some, does that void his desire to repeal it? He wants to repeal it and then replace it with some of the things in it and hopefully something that isn't a government takeover of healthcare.

Then you talk about Ryan like a bitter wife. "You NEVER take out the garbage" = You forgot for the first time in 2 months. You words "Not to mention, every time he opens his mouth a lie spews forth." Really every time ... do you have a mind that can process information?

States Rights - Do some research. Read the book "Power Divided is Power Checked"

I don't like either ticket, but will vote for Romney. I think Obama has does nothing to fix the economy in 4 years. Why would I give him 4 more?
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