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Originally Posted by DaneMcCloud View Post
Do you really think the number is that high? I'm not disputing it, I'm just surprised.

Twitter is as important, or more so, than any single or conglomerate of websites, including Facebook, for news of the world.
Originally Posted by Me
Absolutely but...

Let me clarify. I don't think the Chiefs organization, nor 80% of our fans understand what kind of potential Twitter has. Nor do I think they understand it's use today. Most of our fans cannot grasp the possibilities that social media presents.

Look at the response against ari on the Chiefs websites.
Originally Posted by Guru
Twitter language makes no sense to me. I tried it for a while and got sick of hearing what everyone was doing every minute of the day. Swimming through all the worthless post for the occasional nugget seems like a waste.
Originally Posted by DaneMcCloud View Post
Not for me. The language is what it is because of the 140 character limit.

I follow just about every sport writer, tons of actors, directors, colleagues, so on and so forth and I love it. Instant, quick information with no "Chiefzilla-style" verbosity.
The prosecution rests, your honor. It's like getting people to understand al jazeera (america or aj Japan) network. "It's mooslim"!! No, it's very well respected as a news outlet. But you know the reaction you get just from the name.

at chiefzilla. I look at those posts and just go "wall of text"... Next post".

I signed up in 2007. If I'm not mistaken, I think Ari started a thread about Twitter around that same time. Like you Dane, I follow major news outlets, favorite writers in sports, and some folks who interest me around the world.

It's actually how I found out about the tsunami in Japan as my feed went freaking nuts at 0200 that morning. I woke up trying to find it on the news but it wasn't announced for another twenty minutes. Incredible medium for sure.
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