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Originally Posted by htismaqe View Post
You should read the book "A Saucerful of Secrets". Syd tried to quit doing acid but the other band members suspect members of his entourage continued to dose him because they thought he needed it. He suffered from some kind of mental illness and it was horribly aggravated by LSD.

In fact, there's a story in there about how a bald fat man, kind of homeless-looking, sat in the studio for part of the recording of "Wish You Were Here" which was of course about Syd. The band didn't realize until after the man left that it actually WAS the once stereotypical "sexy frontman" Syd Barrett. He had declined that much in just about 6 years.
Schizophrenia. And that disease has other precursor diseases, like bipolar disorder etc.

This set of diseases are most often aggravated when psychotropic drugs such as LSD are introduced, but anything can trigger episodes at any point in a person's life. For example, poor nourishment can trigger these diseases and often does;


Individuals with bipolar or manic-depressive disorder often have an underlying imbalance of slow oxidation and often copper imbalance. In addition, they often have a four highs pattern on a hair test or others indicating extreme stress. The combination of these two traits leads to the common pattern of days of high energy followed by a period of very low energy and depression. This can be corrected in most cases with nutritional balancing science in a relatively short time of months, usually, and with relatively little difficulty if one is willing to follow the program carefully.


Copper imbalance, mercury toxicity, manganese toxicity, cadmium toxicity and other imbalances are associated with schizophrenias. Most respond beautifully to balancing the body chemistry. Results can be fast, but may take longer if a person is far out of balance.

Copper and Schizophrenia. Joan, age 18, was a patient in Scottsdale Camelback Hospital with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. She responded poorly to medication and psychotherapy. Tissue mineral testing revealed a copper level of 40 mg%, about 15 times normal. Joan was placed on a diet and nutritional supplements to reduce tissue copper.

Her condition improved so radically she was released from all psychiatric care within six months, and returned to high school the following September. Excess tissue copper stimulates the biogenic amines, neurotransmitters associated with depression, anxiety, mood swings and schizophrenia. Copper imbalance is quite common but goes undiagnosed because the tissue mineral test is not often done. "
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