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Originally Posted by L.A.Chieffan View Post
Im glad that Sprint works well for you in KC man, really I am. But where I live and work in So Cal Sprint is a flat out joke. Its probably because of the topography, network overload, challenges with cell tower placement in certain communities, WHATEVER it may be out here that you guys dont have to deal with out there but it flat out sucks.

And the Unlimited data is a farce. Its only unlimited on THEIR network and so many areas around here are roaming youre not even getting unlimited there. But setting aside that for a sec, if you are getting Unlimited the network is so shitty either youre not getting a signal or its so slow (around 1 MBPS) that its not even worth it. If I gave you Unlimited All you could eat at Taco Bell, or a Filet Mignon at a nice steak house which one are you going to take?

So lets take at look at the price myth really quick:

2 smart phones with "unlimited" data, 1500 minutes, and unlimited messaging on Sprint costs $150

2 smart phones with 4GB of shared data (more than enough for typical user, and before you go into the BS about how YOU use 10 GBs a month just consider for a sec that 95% of ALL smart phone users use LESS than 2GB a month), unlimited minutes, unlimited messaging costs $150


So since the coverage is clearly better, the pricing is basically negligible, lets consider the question you asked in the first sentence. Dont brush aside LTE like it doesnt matter, it matters. People here in LA know Sprint is a joke ALREADY. Add into it that there is ZERO LTE coverage here and now we have this monstrosity iPhone about to launch and one of its KEY features is that it finally offers its customers LTE, why would you go with Sprint when nation wide it offers 19 markets and Verizon has almost 400 already covered?

Again, you have Sprint and use Android and you live in LTE, good for you. But theres about 200 million other people that dont. And will continue not to. Personally I see Sprint close to becoming extinct.
I pay $71 a month and have an EVO. People have Sprint because it's cheap and unlimited data. I actually think they have pretty good customer service now compared to years ago when it was so bad. Would I prefer to have Verizon? Yeah, but it's twice as much and I don't think it's unlimited data. I've travel quite a bit when I've had Sprint, just not to the east coast, and I really have had very few coverage concerns that would make me want to switch. I've known ppl with AT&T and T-Mobile and all they do is complain about coverage. Only reason I will leave Sprint is for the Samsung Note if they do not get it.
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