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Smoke and mirrors. Didn't he get raped by LSU last year or something like that?
You mean when he faced a LSU defense loaded with first rounders and rung up 463 yards on them? With guys draped all over him the whole game. Go watch that game again. WV was totally outmanned, and he did force some throws, but he never let up once.

Smoke and mirrors my ass.

Geno Smith is totally legit. Impeccable form, great pocket presence, a film room junkie, amazing accuracy and never lets off the gas. A fabulous pocket passer with the athletic ability to effectively scramble when needed. He's got a very good arm and isn't afraid to air it out. Hits guys in stride deep even while effectively covered. The guy is a natural with no flaws in his game. Former HS Army All-American.

His sophomore year (the first year he started) was very good. His junior year was absolutely terrific. His senior year is on pace to be the stuff of legends.

As a pro prospect, I like him as much as Luck last year.

Yeah, I'm all in.
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