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Week 3 analysis from

The college football world got stood on its head over the weekend when Southern Cal was upset by Stanford 21-14. The expectations were that the Trojans were maybe the only team in the country capable of standing up to the eventual SEC champion in the BCS title game in January; however, USCís road to Miami got a whole lot bumper with the loss. The loss to the Cardinal also may have had a major impact on the 2013 draft as Southern Cal QB Matt Barkley just didnít look like a presumptive #1 pick overall. True, Barkley was under incredible pressure all night long from a swarming Stanford defense; however, there are whispers in the pro scouting community that Barkley, who never had a cannon of an arm to begin with, just hasnít had the arm strength this season. As well, Barkleyís lack of athleticism and agility was also exposed by the Stanford pass rush. Bad as things were for Barkley, who completed just 20 of 41 passes against Stanford and had two passes picked off. In particular, Barkley has not been throwing the ball down the field and just isnít getting g much zip on his passes underneath. In addition, even USC head coach Lane Kiffin commented after the game that Barkely just wasnĎt making very good decisions in the pocket. And while it still may be a little early to write off Barkley as a potential #1 pick at the upcoming draft, heís no longer considered to be a lock to be the first player taken this coming April.

In fact, its possible that what was supposed to be the Year of the QB regarding the 2013 draft appears to be rapidly going south. In addition to Barkleyís woes, pro scouts are quietly worried about the long-term of health of Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson, who had been considered to be a possible rival for Barkley to be the first player taken this year. Wilson did not play in the Hogsí loss to Alabama last weekend because of a concussion he suffered in the teamís loss to Louisiana-Monroe the previous week. Of concern to NFL teams is the fact that Wilson also missed time in 2011 because of an earlier head injury.

It has also been a tough start to the year for Virginia Tech junior QB Logan Thomas, who was seen as a dark horse candidate to be a very early pick this year. At least physically, Thomas reminds scouts of Cam Newton the #1 pick at the 2011 who went on to become the first QB to ever throw for over 4,000 yards in his rookie season. The 6-5, 245-pound Thomas certainly looks the part; he also has the same kind of athleticism as Newton and can throw the ball threw a brick wall. However, Thomas just hasnít shown much in the way of elite touch so far this fall as he has completed just 54% of his pass attempts to date. That included a dismal 14 for 31 outing with three interceptions in last weekendís shocking upset at Pittsburgh, which hadnít been able to get out of its own way in two miserable losses to start its season.
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