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I wonder if his injuries compare to the deaths of a number of school girls who were prevented from leaving a burning building by the religious police in Saudi Arabia because they were not wearing proper clothing?

Radical Islam is one f'ed up religion.;_school_fire

That's truly amazing.

I really wish some good-guy vigilante group would start up to kill those stupid religious police. Maybe it could be a bunch of unidentifiable women in burqas.

In fact, this would be a great scene in the movie we're discussing.

Imagine this scene. A woman walks in front of a religious policeman, and does some barely noticeable transgression to get his attention. He approaches her with his little stick to beat her.

At that point, one of two things happens, and I'm not sure which is better. Either a wave of 200 burqa-clad women descend silently upon him, and then they disperse, leaving his dead body lying there, or zing! The lone woman switchblades him, and then a wave of burqa-clad women suddenly appears, all walking in the same direction, mixing her into their indistinguishable masses, whereby she disappears in the crowd.

I think the movie title would be "Black Death".
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