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Originally Posted by Mr. Kotter View Post
Yeah, especially FOX and RWNJ radio....
The "right wingers" over at FOXNews war-mongering RINO's.

They're not real conservatives.

People really need to stop w/ the belief that they're differences between the 2 parties. There's really not. In the grand scheme of things they're both one of the same, financed and backed by the same global banks that have hijacked our economy and govt.

Nothing is going to change unless people wake up and realize that. We will continue to pay our taxes to the banks, and our great great great grandchildren will be living in a impoverished country. Do you guys know just how ****ing much 16 TRILLION DOLLARS is?!?!? Most people just don't all. As long as they're taken care of by the govt they're fine. Long gone are the days of hard work and getting rewarded for it.

Look at the generation before us compared to now. How many people here know many "males" that are very "handy", know how to work on cars, do home repairs, etc. I have some friends that have never even changed the oil in their ****ing cars or rotated their own tires. How many people do you know now that like to go camping, fish, hunt, and spend time out doors? Now most people are addicted to their PS3's, smartphones, iPads and computers/internet. This is just a couple of the many examples. Point is people now don't take responsibility for anything. The country's morals have changed. I don't belong to any particular religion and think most of that is a bunch of garbage that's been set up over the ages to create power (which it's true....many people have died and have been murdered over this). But I do think there are some aspects and morals that come from certain religious beliefs that are greatly beneficial to society and prosperity. But people have to be responsible for their own, plain n simple.

We can't afford war, we can't afford nationalized health care, we can't afford Social Security, medicare, and many other govt "entitlements". Just using common the time my generation gets to be the age where they start living off of SS, there won't be any money left from the baby boomer era, not to mention there are less and less people working, unemployment is rising, and less people are actually paying into it. It's a complete fraudulent system. That's not even adding to the fact that are dollar continues to fall, and other countries around the world are starting to shy away from our dollar as the world reserve currency.

Do you ****ing people understand that we're seriously on the brink of a major collapse in society. This is real life. Your friends, neighbors, family and loved ones will all be affected by this. But go head and vote for Romney or Obama....because they'll make things better. They're both financed and backed by banking cartels like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan and BoA....the same companies that caused the giant recession in 2008....but you're right....Romney will make everything better because he's so much better than Obama. Or - vote for Obama because his first 4 years was not his was Bush's and the previous administration. He just needs 4 more years and he'll make everything right, he will steer this country down the correct path. We just need more hope and change. We need more and more surveillance and police force because we simply just do not have enough. There are so many terrorist that are just ready to strike us at any moment! We need more bills that take away our constitutional rights and we need TSA checkpoints all across the nations roads and highways because Al-Qaeda is hiding under our beds. Continue to watch FAUXNews and Huckabee, and Bill O'Reilly and Rachel Maddow and MSNBC and all of these giant media conglomerates that control the news we receive on the TV/radio/web etc.
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