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Originally Posted by mlyonsd View Post
I live near Iowa and watch their local stations so I've seen a lot of ads.

I finally saw an Obama ad that didn't attack Romney, instead it focused on how bad things were when Obama came to office and how Obama is leading us to the promised land. Forward.

Anyway, one line in the ad states Obama will continue to support (throw your tax dollars) towards green energy.

WTF? Didn't we already learn this lesson? If green energy is going to succeed it only should in the open market.

Obama's elitist policies and call to kill the coal industry should be reason enough for him not to be re-elected. We can't kill our cheapest form of energy and expect to compete in the global economy.

I find it amazing some are still buying his snake oil.
Saw the same commercial in Colorado. I hate being in a battleground state as we get inundated with political ads from both politicians and all these political groups. Sadly it will only get worse as Nov draws closer. Also the govt subsidizes all sorts of research, why shouldn't they subsidize green energy as fossil fuels are finite and won't last forever.
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