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Originally Posted by mlyonsd View Post
Because they have decided green energy is more important than cheap energy, even though it will never, ever replace it. You have no problem with Obama killing coal? When our economy is heading toward a cliff?

How does that make us competitive in the future?

People letting Obama getting away with this can't see the forest thru the trees.
Slow down there hero.

1. Considering fossil fuels are FINITE meaning there is only a limited amount of them, what will replace them if not green energy?

2. When did I ever mention even ONCE in the year and a half I have been on this board that I was cool with Obama killing coal?

3. When should we invest in a replacement for fossil fuels? Should we do it now when we still have enough to meet our needs or should we scramble at the last second when they are almost gone and thusly have no choice?
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