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It's just practical politics and war strategy. Why do you think we are in bed with the Pakistani's? It sucks and we should be better than this but the reality is that the world is a dangerous place and there are millions of people who wish us harm. they are the only group in Iran.

I use to feel that our moral standards should dictate who we are friends with in the world. After 9/11 thats a luxury I'm not willing to risk. We have to deal with bad guys who have the same enemies we have. Real old school, my enemies enemy is my friend.
I understand the grey areas at work here. I also understand the concept of the enemy of my enemy.

But it does highlight the hilariously stupid angle we take in this country "against" "terrorism." We were allegedly in a war against terrorism at one point. Hysterical.

I understand the concept of doing business with shady business partners (i.e. Pakistan), so long as the end result is a lessening of terror, and an increase in security. I am not remotely convinced that's what's at play here.
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