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Not really man, I think you are underselling the importance of driving down hardware costs. Those tablets aren't as big a part of the ecosystem ONLY because of the social/political climate there. BUT that doesn't stop them from driving down commodity costs for everyone. It's an important segment.

Either way, they are tablets over 7".. they count! (as per my bet regarding Apple market share.. which I will still probably lose because MS is a full 8 months behind my estimates on a release date... ****ers... although I still have one segment that I can't find numbers for that could put me on top... but these freakin numbers are almost impossible to find.)
But you have two massive companies selling tablets at cost already. What more can you do?

I bought a Nexus 7, and I got $25 free to spend with Google along with it. Hardware isn't important; it's all about the ecosystem. Google wants you invested in gmail, youtube, drive, chrome, play, etc. Do you think Google has made any money on me yet?

I mean they probably have, because I'm a long time user of their services. But they certainly haven't on the Nexus yet.

It's also a bit naive to think white manufactures have much influence over prices. You have two disruptive companies right now - ASUS and Amazon. And the first comes with Google's help; their flagships are still priced accordingly.
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