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The saga in KC reminds me of one that I witnessd in Houston a few years back. If you remember, the Texans hired another "GM of the decade" in Charlie Casserly to build the franchise. Casserly LOVED David Carr and hired a defensive -minded HC in Dom Capers. The franchise sucked for years, due in part because Casserly was just a baffoon at evaluating draft talent. 5 or so years passed and the team wasn't getting any better. Casserly was absolutely married to Carr and threw Dom Capers under the bus. They fired Capers and hired Kubes and Casserly FOECED Carr on him. AFter 1 season, Kubes had enough and made it clear that he could NOT win with David Carr, and Casserly was out. Enter new GM - Rick Smith new QB Matt Schaub, and a new direction (Good HC, QB & GM) and the rest is history. THIS needs to happen in KC.

Bob McNair realized he made a terrible mistake with Casserly. He was smart enough to realize that the only thing worse than the mistake, would be if he kept it around. He knew it would set the franchise even further back and could ultimatley doom it.

There is a lesson here for Clark. He needs to start over immeduately after this season. It is a copy-cat league so maybe he'll take notice if the TEXANS win the Super Bowl, giving them just as many Lombardi's as the Chiefs, with 40+ less years trying...
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