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Originally Posted by ChiefsCountry View Post
Matt Schaub is a slightly better verison of the shit we have bitched about the Chiefs have done. Trading for another team's backup, not to mention history isn't on his side being a 3rd round pick. Like I said Houston isn't winning a Super Bowl with Schaub. Baltimore or New England will knock them out of the playoffs once again.
What if the Packers would have listened to your advice and never traded for Brett Favre? You just can't accept generalizations as fact - there are exceptions. Matt Schaub is one of them. He could QB my team any day - they built that team right. They don't depend on him for everything, they depend on him to make plays when they're there but not to force them when not. They have loads of talent, are very deep,and are very well coached. They are THE team to beat in the AFC. Plus, they will likely have home field.
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