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Originally Posted by JohnnyHammersticks View Post
I live in the Denver area and remember how bad Quinn is. I remember the Donks trying desperately to hand him the backup job in the last preseason game last year and how badly he shit on himself. Elway hated the thought of having Tebow as his backup QB, but after Quinn completely pissed away that opportunity he was forced to. Quinn not only looked like he'd never played football that day, he looked like he'd never even seen a football.

The question is, how in the hell does a GM of a professional football team go into a season with 3 guys who--if you combined the potential of all 3 into 1 guy--still wouldn't be talented enough to start at most D-3 schools? But hey, at least there are no gum wrappers under stairwells, so we got that going for us....

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