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I think Del Rio fits KC well. He is a no nonsense coach who is also not an overbearing asshole like Haley was.

He can put together a great coaching staff as well. Just look at what his former DC (Mike Smith) and OC (Dirk Koetter) are doing down in Atlanta.

Give Del Rio a good GM and he could be a great HC in the NFL.
You were talking about those coaches who have franchise QBs generally do well in the league.

What do you call his time in Jacksonville? He oversaw the drafting of TWO first round QBs and hand-selected another (Garrard) during his LONG tenure as HC. This isn't like Belichick, where he was fired entirely too soon. The guy had chances and ****ed up.

He's what you get if Herm Edwards and Todd Haley had a baby. He's worthless.
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