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Originally Posted by teedubya View Post
I'd love to buy some for my wife for Christmas... but, which smells do you recommend?

Sometimes, I smell a candle at the store and immediately want to hurl. Some are pleasant... but when they are NOT pleasant... it's very unpleasant and it lingers with you, like you can ALMOST taste the shitty candle flavor. It's a shame we don't have "Smell-eCommerce" yet.
If you know the kind of scents she likes, we can go from there. Or, we can go by category for instance, Citrus or Bakery or Spa or Fall scents. Or, if all else fails and she opens up the wax bar and doesn't like the scent, I will happily trade it out for her. You are local, so that would be no problem.

Our candle bars do not smell like cheap wax. And each Scentsy bar ($5) is equivalent in warm time to a large Yankee ($25). 50-80 hours in each bar, or 10-12 hours per cube. Your investment is in the warmer. Super cheap to "buy" a new candle when you run out.

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