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They both want war

They both want govt to increase in size (sorry...Romney is for big govt just like GWB was)

They both are in bed w/ Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan etc

They both will never audit the Federal Reserve

They both are in favor for socialized govt ran healthcare

It doesn't matter if you vote Obama or Romney.....they're one of the same, cut from the same cloth. The rhetoric is just different. Look at 2008.....people vote for Obama because people were so fed up w/ Bush and the republican party, it really didn't matter who ran as the republican nominee because they had no shot at winning. It was pretty much "Vote for anyone who isn't associated w/ Bush or the republican party." This year people are so fed up w/ Obama they will vote for Romney because "he's not Obama". And this shit is going to go back and forth. Romney was already pre-selected in 2008 to run for POTUS this year.

It's a giant fixed game. Nothing but a fake dog n pony show. None of these crooks give 2 shits about what's best for the country. Until people realize that, there's no hope at all for this country. We will fall.

I would just LOOOOVE to see a presidential debate between Ron Paul and Obama. That would be epic, and Paul would put a ****ing clown suit on Obama.
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