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Man, stupid is in the water around this place.

Here's the reality without getting into the semantics of this argument or that argument. The food producers are taking a ****ing abusing over all this and some of it is justified, most is not. And they're coming after glyphosate? Are you ****ing me? Glyphosate is incredibly safe. It is one of the safest chemicals we have. Dad has been running glyphosate for 35 years. The actual chemical, not what has been absorbed through the plant and into his corn that was fed to a cow that he ate. And back in the stone age, safety and material handling was terrible. If glyphosate was killing people, he'd have been dead years ago.

Monsanto sucks balls. But I'M the one they are ****ing, not you guys. They get their profit from me, not convincing you guys to eat it. If you are pissed at anyone it should be FDA, it's their responsibility to keep food safe.

I'm done here and not coming back into this thread but I will leave you with this.

Widespread adoption of 2-4D (the first widespread chemical) and Anhydrous Amonia (Nitrogen) happened in the 40's (not led by Monsanto). I can't remember when hybridization came into corn (technically GMO), but I want to say it was in the 60's or early 70's. And gene splicing (BT and Roundup Ready corn) hit the market in 1995.

Pure Plow/Plant is completely unsustainable and absolutely destroys soil organic matter, not to mention the erodability, drought exposure, plow pan, nutrient/micronutrient deficiencies and weed issues. So if the degrading in yield from the early 1900's through the 1930s holds true, we would be looking at sub 20 yield numbers

You can say all you want about how bad the farming practices is are and blah blah blah, but realistically this country is ass****ed from a nutrition standpoint without it. The corn crop last year was 14 B bushels on 155 bu/acre. If you want to go back to not using technology, that number is below 20 bu/acre giving you roughly 1.75 B bushel. That means we have to import corn (which will be GMO) and most of the animal agriculture is out of the country and good luck getting any other country to give you origin labels or whatever you want to happen here. So without all this "evil", you'd just end up with it anyway and pay markedly higher prices for it.


God why the **** do I come into this place?
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