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Originally Posted by FAX View Post

Something like that. But, seriously ...

Defensively, we would have to play a game similar to the 2nd half of the Saints contest. But, I don't think we'd have to shut them down to that extent. The main thing would be to keep them out of the endzone early in the game and play good, solid defense for all 4 quarters. I don't believe we could withstand even a 10 or 13 point deficit in the first half. If that happens, we'll start pressing and things will get even worse.

Offensively, we have to move the chains somehow and that's probably going to mean converting quite a few 3rd downs ... assuming Daboll continues to call plays as he has done so far. Problem is, that indicates 8, 10, 12 play drives. We aren't consistent enough on offense to score touchdowns that way, so we'd have to kick FGs.

If the Ravens' D gets off early, we're sunk. Same thing with their offense.

The best way to beat the Chiefs is beat them in the first 5 to 10 minutes, in my opinion.

If we can keep it close throughout the day and the total score below 40, we have a chance.

I am not that worried about the Chiefs' defense. Although the score looked bad against the Chargers, our defense played as well as you could expect considering the horrible field position.

If we can just make Baltimore have to drive the whole field most times instead of only needing 10 yards for a TD then our defense will be much more like it was against the New Orleans in the second half. Let us not forget, outside of our game, New Orleans has been their normal selves on offense.

I am most worried about Cassel sucking and continuing to not move the ball and putting the defense in terrible spots. I don't understand why our defense stinks up the first drive so bad every game either. I would love to see us take the ball on offense first to help mitigate that. The offense doesn't have to score everytime for us to have a chance, they just need to not give the Ravens the ball 40 yards or less from a TD 5 or 6 times.
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