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Originally Posted by DarthCarlSatan View Post
For once we agree. Pioli did not do jack shit in any attempt to get Manning.

This is not the case, rather it was the attempt by Pioli doing too much before the right time.

Here is your finale PHM scoop, my sources will remain annomous ! The story I got was Tom Condon had the Chiefs set up for a chance ( slim one but a chance), with the final PM visit to be made at the end of the process. It's just that Pioli jumped too quick and offered money first, before PM was to do any visiting. Pioli really thought he could get the inside track on Horseface since Denver didn't have a lot of cap space. PM really liked KC, RC & Clark, but he ( PM ) did not care much for Pioli. Again, PM was suppose to meet with the Chiefs after he had made his rounds. Clark really wanted PM , as well as did RC.

So Pioli jumped in first, long before he was suppose to by sending a starting offer that was about 3/4ths of what PM eventually got in Denver. Story was this really pissed PM & Archie off before any visit could be made anywhere since PM wanted to make his visits look like location and not the money( even though it had a very large part of it, which Tn offered about $4 million more ). PM didn't want to discuss any money with any team until the final visit was made, something Denver and Arizona didn't do until PM made his choice.

But the end story is PM and Horseface was just to close to start with, it was pretty much a done deal from the get go unless KC threw stupid money at him after the last visit ( that was promised to be KC's ). PM was also willing to let stupid money go by to play for Horseface ! That PM believed in himself enough that he could still play, thus driving the price up with any team, even from Horseface.

So PHM never happened because of our GM. PM wanted it to come down to 2 teams , KC & Denver, so an offer came first from Pioli. PM took his circus show to other cities to get his money. Yep, PM's goal was to pit KC & Denver against each other in a bidding war ( $$$$ ) since the AFC West Division was his only logical choice. PM was pretty much Denver bound from the get go.

So we had PM acting like a spoiled preppy schoolgirl, Pioli acting like he was an over anxious executive while Tom Condon was caught in the middle having loyalty to PM, some to the Chiefs and a lot to his pocket while having to wait to negotiate and Horseface coming out looking like a freaking saint just because of his friendship. Sounds like a soap opera ? I present to you PM and the 2012 Donks.

So Clark and Pioli did their usual damage control during the event and afterwards. What else could they do but spin it after Pioli shot themselves in the foot long before an official visit from PM ?
Were they going to tell the truth ?
Hey, I / We screwed it up ?
It was nothing but spin city for them claiming he wouldn't talk to them.

In reality, we were played, we really didn't have much of a chance, BTA, we will never know since Pioli killed that chance long before we even had an official visit.

So, are you bitter now since Pioli tried and screwed it up ?
Or was it by design ?

How would you have felt if PM carried it out to a KC vs Denver decision and KC had lost ?

Do you feel better that we ( KC ) didn't end up in a bidding war to only be used as a pawn ?

In reality, if we had of been in a bidding war with Denver, it was a no win situation for Clark & Pioli since we couldn't / didn't throw enough money at PM ( according to the fans ). So was this ( Pioli ) by design ?

I can't answer those questions, but the design part does have some traction to it now that it was a planned division rival bidding war.

Guess we will never know.

Now you know the rest of the story, The rest is history!

FTR, I'm off to watch the debate, later!
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