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Its a big number when you think of it as a solo cost. But its not, its a group cost, divided by those who bleed Chiefs red.

Think of all the money you spent last season alone. Hell, just me-IN DALLAS

200+ for Sunday Ticket
The cost to go to a Chiefs bar in Dallas (Wizards) food costs there, drink costs, + tip
The cost on random Chiefs gear throughout the season, a jersey here and there, a cool Chiefs shirt for the wife-random Chiefs accessories(mugs, etc...)

If you look at it that way, we are already paying for a horrible product because of our passion.

Lets steer that passion towards funding something that will actually cause a change in the Chiefs organization-the media attention alone is worth it-I promise NO OWNER wants to be blasted all over the news w/flyover banners and billboards in his own city that make him look bad. Every persons ego gets clocked in at some point.

Money on Chiefs throughout the year you spend and they give you 6-10 at best? WASTED

Money on Chiefs throughout the year spent on something that makes the team better in the long run? PRICELESS
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