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Originally Posted by AustinChief View Post
ACTUAL points? nothing that really matters but that is never the purpose of a debate like this. I could go on and on about where he was right and someone could argue that he wasn't, etc etc... but what MATTERS is how he will be perceived. Romney destroyed Obama on perception. He came across as strong and most importantly, KNOWLEDGEABLE. People who were on the fence will be swayed by how he seemed to know far more about how the economy works and job creation. One could argue that it isn't true but that is how he CAME ACROSS.

In a real debate you get judged on two things... "winning" rounds and your speaking points. No one is really going to care much about the "winning" rounds in a debate like this... speaker points is where your truly win.. and Romney killed there.
So we agree. I thought the debate was won by Romney. Just not total destruction. And Kyle, we have to talk about these RANDOM capitalizations THAT you do. TOO much like SOFIESTY and MEMYSELFI. You gotta LOSE that.
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