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Originally Posted by alnorth View Post
honestly, all of these "fly banners in Texas!" ideas are all hilarious good fun, but we probably shouldn't do that.

Clark Hunt probably already knows about the banner and what we are begging him to do. Nothing is gained by making him possibly (but probably not) see it (along with lots of confused Texans) in Texas, and we lose the possibility of rallying fans in KC with our limited resources.
I see what you are saying, but you have to realize the mind of Clark Hunt and how he operates-he doesn't operate from a passion standpoint, he is a systematic guy-remember how he pulled Carl Peterson when Arrowhead was empty? It was a move he would have made regardless but when you are powerful and a systematic builder like he is-the one thing MONEY CANNOT BUY is being saved from embarassment.

Trust me, national media reports of the banner being stretched out at an FC Dallas game will be very effective for the movement and will INSPIRE more rallying from Chiefs fans in KC. We shouldn't limit our grasp here, we have to strike when the iron is hot.

I want a championship in KC, and Pioli being gone is the biggest step for that to happen.
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