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Here is a Ravens fan perspective about the Chiefs.

Basically I picked the Chiefs to win the AFC West at the beginning of the season. When I look at this team, I thought they had potential to be an awesome and aggressive defensive team that can run the ball really well, the Chiefs have so much individual talent on their defense, I am kind of confused as to why they have played so bad so far, maybe it's because they have no belief in their team, because this defense has potential to be a top 5 unit.

I think this game is going to be far from a walk over, even if you guys think it may be. The Chiefs can run the ball with Jamal Charles, who is an absolute STUD. Matt Cassel if he starts, is going to play for his life, because if he plays bad in this one, there is no way he starts next week. I think this team are going to move forward next year however, they MUST draft a QB like Geno Smith in the draft, they wont get anywhere with Cassel (that probably sounds like a bit of an obvious comment to you guys lol).
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