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damn dude....glad you're OK.
I've been riding for 27 years. I ride to work (30 miles) to downtown KC often. always always always watching the other guy. I always make sure I have a way out, never get boxed in. the ONLY time I've ever been in real danger was being young and dumb and doing something stupid....I had the speedometer buried and bouncing on a kawasaki 850 (only went to 85..but still) had to have been doing 100....the whole damn bike just started shaking...shaking badly. I thought I was a goner. let up on the throttle and once she slowed down the shaking stopped. last time I EVER did something stupid on a bike. I have an 1100 now. I don't know how fast it will go. I don't want to know.
riding is awesome. I can't stop. if something happens to won't be because I was doing something stupid. I took a course a long time ago and was shocked at how much they taught me (I'd been riding for years at that point) there are things you can do to be proactive and not get yourself into a bad situation.
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