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Originally Posted by Bump View Post
Play Quinn. If he sucks, play Stanzi, if he sucks, play Tanney. Give them all 2 -3 games each at least, unless they impress. Figure out who's gonna be the top backup next year for our first round QB that we are going to draft God damn it! I don't think anything other than a QB in the 1st round will be acceptable, I really don't.

So **** it! We should know and the dumbasses running the Chiefs should definitely know they must draft a 1st round QB in the 2013 NFL draft. They have to know this, there is no way they can't.

So **** it, what does it matter if we play QB carousel? It doesn't.
Hate to burst your bubble but Tanney is on IR, he was placed on IR before the season started so we wont be able to see him until next year.
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