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Originally Posted by Brainiac View Post
You're lucky you had it diagnosed by your doctor.

I had emergency surgery last January to remove my gall bladder. Prior to that I had no symptoms to indicate that anything was wrong. As I was driving to work one day I suddenly had an intense pain in my stomach. I got to work and decided to turn around and go home. By the time I had driven two blocks the pain got so bad that I decided to head to the emergency room instead. By the time I parked the car and walked inside, I was in so much pain and distress that I thought I was going to die.

They put me in a wheelchair, gave me morphine, ran some tests, and told me that my gall bladder was gangrenous and that they were going to have to remove it immediately.

Worst day of my life.

The surgery itself was pretty minor with a quick recovery time. Some doctors tell you to change your diet. My doctor said it wasn't necessary. However, if I eat greasy food I have the same experience that others have described.

Again, you're lucky the doctor found it before it shut down completely.
I was having all kinds of health issues for the month leading up to when my Dr. finally decided to check for gall bladder issues. That was 3 weeks before a scheduled (and paid for) Disney vacation. My Dr. said we could put it off until I got back. But he warned that if pain like yours came up head to the hospital. The last day of the 10 day vacation I started feeling really horrible. But we made the drive back from Orlando to South Carolina on that Sunday.

I went in for a scheduled check up the next day and was told to show up at the hospital early the next day. I had pains all that night, but lasted till I showed up at the hospital that morning. After surgery they told me that had I waited any longer it would have burst and then all hell would have broken loose. If that happens you end up having to wear a tube to drain the infection for about a week.
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