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Overall, that simply isn't true. Most student athletes are actually quite bright and do well in their classes. I imagine the larger power schools have a little more trouble with this phenomenon, but those students likely still represent less that 10% of a team.
How can you prove that "most student athletes are quite bright"? Do you have a source, or are you just speaking based on anecdotal evidence? Also, it depends on your definition of "well". My experience with athletes in classes is a few of them are dedicated students (I even have a few in my MD class), but a lot of them are not "bright" by college standards, as you put it.

That said, most student athletes do benefit from having structure (respective sport and school) in their lives, along with the degree. Whether they are actively engaged or not, they still have an opportunity to get an education and are learning more than they would if they didn't have the opportunity.
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