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Originally Posted by pr_capone View Post
Updated OP

To anyone reading this from outside of this board:

In 7 hours, an airplane is going to take off and fly a banner over Arrowhead proclaiming that we as Chiefs fans deserve better. We are asking for the removal of Scott Pioli and for the Benching of Matt Cassel. I can't sleep.

To Matt - This isn't personal. It really isn't. You are a great guy. Your coming back from appendicitis and playing was AWESOME. We loved how you are always tough and gritty. You are indeed a grinder. We appreciate the effort you put into your work and what you have done for the community. I have absolutely no doubt that as much as we wanted you to "be that guy"... you wanted to "be that guy" for us. I'm sorry it came to this. I really am. I wish you success... but elsewhere.

To Pioli - Let's be honest here. Most of the best players here are left over's form Carl. Your drafts have been mediocre at best. The "Patriot Way" is tripping over Tom Brady in the 6th round of the draft. Your allegiance to "The Tree" is not working. It hasn't been working. It won't work because you don't have a top 3 all time NFL QB. You owe the fans an apology. Take responsibility. Bench Cassel and draft a QB in the first round. 30 years is long enough to wait for a 1st round QB. It is a damning thing when a legend like Peyton Manning won't let you sit at the table. Especially with as talented as this team is. All to be wasted because of your mismanagement, your secretiveness, and your ego. The life has been sucked out of Arrowhead on your watch. We don't want to make a spectacle but you have left us no choice. This doesn't have to drag on. We are dug in. Your move.

To everyone else -

Today is going to be a bag of mixed emotions for a lot of people. I know it will be for me. I love my Chiefs.

We, the donators and supporters of this banner, have been accused of being fair weather fans. Far from it. We are passionate fans who live and die with this team on Sunday. If we were fair weather fans, we would have found something else to do a long time ago. Instead, we have gone hoarse by the second quarter and not been able to speak right the next day. We have painted our faces and worn costumes, even formed charitable organizations, and the Superfans. We are as dedicated a Chiefs fan as anyone else. We haven't given up the team. We are tired of losing. We are tired of not being competitive. Hell, people are leaving games by halftime. Arrowhead is a shell of what it used to be.

We who have been loyal for so long deserve better than what we have received. 19 years and no playoff wins. I don't want to hear about AFCW titles either. They mean nothing when they are immediately followed by a beating by the Ravens where we lose 30-7. A game where our QB throws for 70 yards and 3 interceptions. We have had 1 appearance in the AFC championship game since 1970 (1993)... and we lost. In 1984, the AFC Champ trophy was named "The Lamar Hunt Trophy". How sad it it that we have never once held the trophy that bears our founders name?

Do you remember going to games in the late 90's and early 00's? Remember feeling the rumble of the crowd in your chest? High fiving and hugging complete strangers? Being unable to talk to the person next to you on defensive 3rd downs? I hope that one day soon we get back to that. I would love to hear the fans cheer from start to finish again. I want 120 decibels of madness because there is not a single person that believes we can possibly loose the game. Every game is a game that you KNOW we are going to win. This culture of loosing needs to change.
I'm with you. How can you be a bandwagoner when you still cheer for the Chiefs when they lose?

I agree with the other points too. It's not Cassel's fault because he doesn't decide if he starts. He does all the right things. He's just not very good at it, no matter how hard he tries.

As for Pioli... it's hard to feel sorry for him. It was his decision to lock the fans out and treat them like intruders. It was his decision to bully the media so they couldn't give fans information they wanted. It was his decision to under-spend on the team. It was his decision to ignore critics of Cassel, and instead go out of his way to prove his point that he was right about the guy. In this case, it's not being angry about a guy trying hard who failed. It's anger about a guy who put his ego above the good of the team.
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