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I don't give a flying **** if the national media wants to make a huge story about it. This shit has gone on long enough.

The day MC no longer takes a snap for this franchise, whether it's due to debilitating injury or god forbid he gets yanked for lack of performance, will be the day I stand up and cheer, that maybe, maybe this dickhead owner and his sorry ass henchman GM will do what their predecessors refused to do since 1983. To do what every franchise in the division has at least tried to do:

Attempted to draft a franchise QB ("too risky" - sounds like the title to a Frankie thread). Do you know that there are people on this board that watched them trot out Frank Seuer for several games? I think if a fan can survive watching that, I can survive listening to Eric Winston cry over the metaphorically slain, lifeless body of Matt Cassel.
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