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Originally Posted by KChiefer View Post
How many life/career threatening injuries do we see while a player is still moving on the ground and leaves on his own? Watching the play, I knew it couldn't be THAT serious. It wasn't even a "dirty" headshot.

And while you were there and can judge when the cheers occurred better, I wonder if the initial cheers weren't still part of the positive yards we gained that play.

When I saw him down, my first post was "yesss!" not b/c he was hurt but b/c I knew he would get out of the game. We ran the ball to perfection which is supposed to open the passing game except Cassel can't pass, and the org refused to replace him.

We don't love this game b/c we get to see people get hurt, but we also aren't respectful apologists for what is a laughable "professional" organization.
A high school player died just a couple of days ago after making a hit, being injured on the field, walking off the field and collapsing on the sideline. We don't know what is going in players body so for us to watch and claim that a hit wasn't that hard or a player didn't look 'that hurt' is really irresponsible. It was a heart issue that killed the SC player but other times it's been a severe concussion.
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