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Originally Posted by SNR View Post
Pioli put Cassel in that position. No one else. If he cares about Casshole like a ****ing son, he should have benched him when the fans were getting too rowdy. Or when, oh, I don't know... he became Captain Interception.

No excuses here. Cassel should have been benched, and he wasn't. When you place that kind of shit on a fanbase desperate to break out of the cycle of mediocrity, shit like this will happen.

**** Cassel. **** Pioli. **** Hunt. **** Reiter. **** Winston.

Anybody I'm missing?

Tyson jackson with the THIRD OVERALL FUKKING PICK of the draft. Some teams get franchise quarterbacks like Matt Ryan within that range, others get freaks of nature who can rush the passer like Von Miller, we got a fat 3/4 DE who doesn't penetrate the line, never makes any kind of impact when the opposing team drops back to pass. Ropati Petuitua (spelling?) had 2 sacks and 6 tackles when he replaced Dorsey in the SD game.

Could throw hillis in there when we could of tried to sign Michael Bush. Hillis was bitching and crying after the Atlanta game and then proceeded to fumble on the 1 yard line against Buffalo at the end of the first half.

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