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MW2 map 'Favela' removed from rotation due to insensitivity toward Muslims

Today’s Call of Duty news is not so much news as it is a case of over reaction hyper sensitive nonsense. Infinity Ward, the developers behind the “Modern Warfare” series has gone and done something rather ridiculous. They have removed the map “Favela” from the play list in Modern Warfare 2. Reason being, a Youtube video was released claiming religious insensitivity toward Muslims.

Apparently, a Muslim gamer has been offended by a picture frame hanging on the wall of a bathroom in one of the buildings included in the map “Favela.” Yes, you heard that correct. The picture frame in question has the Arabic term “Allah is beautiful and he loves beauty.” The “scandal” comes into effect when you look at the location of the picture frame: Above the toilet. This Islamic sin has apparently caused such uproar that the entire map has been removed from the play list rotation.

No, this is not a joke, and it raises some ridiculous conflictions in rationality. For one, the game’s core mechanics, the structure it is built off of revolves around which team can mass murder the other team quicker. On top of this, the more murders you perform in a given time with out being slaughtered yourself gives you the ability to murder your opponents quicker via a predator missile, air strike, or an AC-130 gun ship. Hell, if you’re a good enough murderer in the game, you can even Nuke the other team into submission.

So tell me again how a picture frame is a cause for concern here? If anyone recalls, this is the same series that constantly goes for shock and awe. Be it slaughtering innocent civilians at an airport or watching a little girl and her parents get blown up by a road side IED, the Call of Duty franchise has always been one to push the boundaries. Furthermore, both previous scenes were subject to much debate and were left in the game for the soul purpose of artistic freedom, regardless of the complaints. I have no doubt that this may have something to do with last months "prophet" Youtube video that cause an uproad, but really? It's not even a real bathroom.

You should be ashamed of yourselves Infinity Ward. If not for giving in to such hyper sensitive nonsense than for at least telling us all these years that One Man Army, Danger Close and n00b tubes won’t be patched because you don’t have time. You had time to cater to the minority today, now how about you fix the game that has been broken since day one. What does a guy need to do for this to become a reality, make a Youtube video about it or something?
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