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Originally Posted by FringeNC View Post
I almost feel sorry for Cassel, but don't blame the fans for the poor treatment, blame Pioli. The fans can't boo Pioli himself, but they can boo his supposed boy wonder who has no business being an NFL starting QB.

The game-plan says it all. The fans' perception of Cassel is exactly what the coaching staff thinks of Cassel, too: He can't play. How are fans supposed to voice their displeasure? We have a GM who has forced Cassel on two head coaches. Enough is enough.
I feel sorry for Cassel. I still support him and want him to do well. I don't think it will be in KC. I just hate treating a decent person like garbage. Grbac and Bono were douches and I had no problem with the vitriol directed towards them. But by all accounts Cassel is a good guy.

In my opinion, as long as he has the support of his teammates and the respect of that locker room then the fans can just eat shit. You hear whispers of doubt but I think Winston and Charles standing up for him proves that he has support in that locker room and if anything the fans actions are going to cause them rally around him. You want your players to be stand up guys and defend their teammates.

Maybe they needed an 'us against them' attitude in that locker room. Unfortunately, the them might be us.
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