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End of the day in year 4 KC is sitting at 1-4, 2nd HC, 5th OC, 2nd DC and the best players are still Herm left overs. That's a big fail any way you cut it.
I don't argue that we need to get rid of Pioli. But my reasons are a bit different. Mainly, I think our QB is a cancer on the rest of the team. A good QB can make a huge difference in the way the team plays.

I also wasn't real excited about making Crennel our HC after last season. But hey, he did do a decent job as interim coach. So, I was just going to support him and see what happens. It is looking like the Peter Principal, for sure.

In the end, Pioli's major failures have been not getting quality depth in the secondary and QB positions and, of course, sticking with a crappy starting QB. That and always going back to his New England friends (Crennel) instead of trying something new. That being said, he did try something new with Haley. IMO, Haley was screwed over when he wanted to get rid of Cassel.
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